Training and Consulting

Training and continuous development in manufacturing process plays a key role to be advantageous for the competition.

We proudly offer training and consulting in textile manufacturing with our sectoral experiences over 40 years and the know-how obtained by using scientific methods:

* Manufacturing technologies,

* Process improvements,

* Time and method analysis,


Design and Manufacturing Services

* Bending Fatigue Test Machine

* Wear Test Machine (Ball-on-Disk, Pin-on-Disk)

* Laboratory Type Furnace (max. 1.100 C)

Also, we project for revisions and PLC control applications for existing machines.


Services for Heat Treatment Investments

We provide high tech solutions for your investments of vacuum hardening, sinter/sinter HIP, brazing and PulsPlasma nitriding furnaces from PVA Industrial Vacuum Systems GmbH and Plateg.


You can reach us from for your inquiries.



Plasma (Ion) Nitriding Service

Plasma nitriding is used for surface treatment of ferreous metals for wear protection. It is widely used in automotive, machinery, defence, aviation, textile, energy industries. The lifetime of plasma nitrided parts can be increased 2 - 10 times compared to conventional processes.

Plasma nitriding is well known technology and an industrial standard in the world. It can be used as stand alone or combined with other processes such as hardening, PVD coatings.

Hardening or case hardening are the processes providing the core or surface strength which is mostly necessary for the parts. However, nitriding improves the surface properties of the work pieces and increases wear resistance.

Plasma Nitriding Details     -     Materials can be nitrided

Failure Analysis 

Determining the cause of damage requies a wide range of expreience and knowledge. We are experienced in failure analysis and continue to progress. Failures and damages must not be ignored in order to prevent greater losses in the future.

You can contact us via or +90 (224) 241 32 00 for failure analysis requests.

Metallographic Inspections

We serve for the following services in our laboratory:

* Surface hardsness measurements (Vickers, micro Vickers, Rockwell, Super Rockwell, portable device)

* Hardness profile (micro Vickers)

* Surface roughness measurements 

* Microstructure analysis (Nikon microscope x50 - x1000 magnification)

* Wear tests, friction coefficient measurement (ball-on-disk)

* Metallographic sample preparation (cutting, mounting, grinding&polishing)