Company Profile

Company Profile

Er-Mir Ltd supports the industry with the innovative and research oriented structure. The company has three branches as textile, machinery, heat treatment and operates in Bursa Industry Zone.

We provide fast and accurate solutions to our customers so as to support them with the advantage of competition. We believe that we contribute the success of the leading companies in textile, automotive and machinery industries with this support.


Being a preferred brand in all aspects of the organization in Turkey with the aiming for excellence in plasma technologies and achieving the global and environmental standards.


Providing the most effective service from the beginning to the delivery, holding the trust and quality together, aiming the customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of the success profile with environmental awareness.


• Respect the human and moral values,

• Be the solution partner of our customers,

• To follow the technological innovations and developments,

• To contribute to the national economy, using our resources effectively,

• To comply with regulations and legislation,

• To reduce waste at the source,

• To convey the organization's policy to our employees and our suppliers with continuous training.